What is a metaverse?

The metaverse, what is it?

Imagine that a virtual world exists in parallel with the real world. In this virtual world there are different locations and objects: buildings, roads, animals, ships, grass, trees, oceans, sky, furniture, meteorites, planets, etc. Everything that surrounds you, everything that you see and interact with in virtual space is the metaverse.

You can choose your avatar (your 3d model) and interact with this virtual world: get acquainted, visit new places, concerts, shop, play games, attend meetings, participate in various communities — almost everything you do in the real world. The main advantage of the metaverse is that it is not limited by physical laws - the development team and the participants themselves determine how the metaverse will develop and what opportunities will appear in it.

Metaspace.game is a multifunctional service platform implemented in the form of a metaverse. The history of our metaverse begins with the biological species "Human", but it is not limited to them. There are many interesting life forms, characters, races, travels, discoveries and surprises ahead!

One metaverse can combine several virtual spaces (several metaverses). In metaspace.game we will implement a bridge between different metaverses and unite all creators in the name of one big goal: to create an amazing world full of freedom, beauty, high technology, interesting gameplay, intrigues, defeats and victories, earnings and limitless opportunities!

In our model of the metaverse, each participant influences its present, future, and possibly past. After all, we are the creators of this universe, so why don't we build a time machine?

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