There is a marketplace for buying, selling or exchanging digital assets with a large number of different categories: clothing, accessories, apartments, land plots, houses, shops, robots, exoskeletons, farms, pets, sports facilities and much more.

To participate in the bidding of some closed categories, it is necessary to have a certain level. Avatars that meet the requirements of this category are allowed to bid in closed categories.

You can have a pet only in certain areas where there is an appropriate permit. If the avatar acquires a pet and places it in an area not intended for this, a fine will be imposed on it, and the animal will be confiscated. A pet increases the level of happiness, which means that the avatar has more vital energy and strength.

All digital assets in "" is presented in the form of NFT tokens.

Each NFT asset is unique and can be sold or transferred to any person. If an NFT asset implies income, then the reward will be paid to the wallet address of the owner of this asset. The new owner of the asset may not be a member of the, but he will receive income in full to his wallet.

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