Welcome to the metaverse! is a multifunctional service platform built on the principle of computer simulation of real life processes. The technical part is implemented on the Unreal Engine 5 game engine. The game part is based on the P2E (Play-to-Earn) model. The key technologies of the metaverse are: blockchain, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and NFT.

Our mission:

Help people learn how to use modern WEB 3.0, combine virtual and real worlds into a single space, provide an opportunity to earn money in a playful way and create an interesting gaming atmosphere full of adventure and adrenaline!

In each participant will have a digital avatar, that is, a character with certain characteristics, namely: height, build, eye color, hairstyle, IQ level, strength, agility, and so on. All parameters will directly affect the avatar's life in the metaverse.

Avatar is the main digital asset of the metaverse. With the help of the avatar, the project participant will be able to travel around the metaverse, interact with other participants, purchase real estate, engage in science, participate in expeditions, attend concerts, speak at conferences, train other participants, go shopping, invest, build a business, etc.

You can become a builder, a doctor, an engineer, a model, a businessman, a fighter and even the head of one of the cradles (that's what we call our islands). The project will implement an internal economy that will allow you to earn tokens (virtual money) and exchange them for real money. You will be able to upgrade the physical parameters and skills of your avatar to get more profitable earnings offers and participate in more interesting expeditions. is not just a game, it is a virtual space in which various services are collected.

For example, you want to buy sneakers in real life, but you don't want to go shopping. No problem! Go to and go to the store with the status "MDC" (metaspace digital copy). Choose the right sneakers, pay and order delivery. In the real world, real sneakers are brought to you! The situation is similar with grocery stores, banks and any other organizations. You can even see what the restaurant you are interested in looks like, take a walk around it and book a table you like for the evening!

In will be created "scientific digital spaces": for example, if you are a biologist, you can go into one of the "biological spaces" and see what topics communities already exist and work is underway, see vacancies or offers of cooperation. Perhaps you will find a job or take part on a voluntary basis. is a huge virtual world, the fate and development of which will be influenced by each participant of the project. Any feedback from the participants will be considered and taken into account in the development of the platform.

We will provide gameplay with beautiful graphics, interesting plots and limitless possibilities! Together we will build a unique digital world!

Join us!

Everything is just beginning!

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