Thanks to the launch vehicle of a new generation, humanity has conquered Mars. A group of scientists landed on the red planet to take samples and conduct experiments. The expedition was crowned with success, soil samples and research results were delivered to Earth.

As a result of long research, with the help of trace elements found on Mars, scientists were able to create an algorithm for generating water suitable for living organisms and plants. In connection with this great discovery, Humanity has begun a new era - The era of space exploration.

After 1 year, engineers of the company "Metaspace.V" were sent to Mars. Engineers have been tasked with building "Cradle 3252" - the first high-tech island for colonization of the red planet.

At the moment, engineers are successfully coping with this task, there is an active construction of the Cradle-3252.

In parallel with the construction of «Cradle 3252», «Metaspace.V» announced the “Metaspace.V - MARS I“ program and is recruiting 10,000 volunteers from around the world to be sent to Mars. Volunteers undergo active physical and scientific training. Strict selection of candidates increases competition among those who want to go into space. Candidates are called Avatars. Each of them is assigned a unique DNA identification code, for example: Avatar #3654 - DNA: 96ed0c86ac5d2aa0973cc09c1ffb16fa3f1b76ac

All avatars will be injected with a special artificial genome before being sent, so that they can exist in artificial gravity. "Metaspace.V" scientists warn about possible side effects, but they cannot yet say exactly when and in what form they will manifest. The introduction of the gene is a prerequisite for participation in the program "Metaspace.V - MARS I". Once there was a case of the negative impact of the genome on the avatar:

Scientists corrected the code of the synthetic genome, no more similar side effects were noted.

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