Internal "MSGT" token

What is a token?

A token is a digital certificate that guarantees the company's obligations to its owner. In the world of cryptocurrencies, a token is an analogue of shares on a stock exchange. In our case, a token is a digital virtual unit, the value of which is determined inside

Internal "MSGT" token

For the internal tokenomics of the project, a token will be released on the Ethereum 2.0 blockchain.

The upcoming update on the Ethereum network, which will take place in Q4 2022, will significantly reduce fees and increase the speed of transaction processing in the Ethereum blockchain. Such an update will allow us to launch a flexible and maximally effective smart contract for thoughtful and high-quality tokenomics of the project. In case of an unsuccessful "merger" in the Ethereum network, the "MSGT" token will be released on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain due to low commission rates.

In all payments for any assets (items, plots, real estate, etc.) are made using the "MSGT" token.

For example, the owner of 200 "MSGT" tokens can exchange them for a virtual plot of land (buy a virtual plot for 200 "MSGT").

The internal token "MSGT" can be exchanged for real fiat money using the virtual bank "MSG Metaversal Bank".

Fiat money is paper bills with several degrees of protection, which are issued by the state for circulation within the country and abroad.


Currently, the MSGT token smart contract has not been launched. Any clone tokens are a scam! We will inform you about the launch of the MSGT token smart contract additionally.

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