Imagine that your digital copy has been created in the virtual world.

It may not be an exact copy, but a model modified by you in some way. It's called an avatar. With the help of an avatar, you can move in virtual space, communicate with other avatars, exchange items, buy and sell things, purchase real estate, sign contracts, perform at a fashion show as a model, watch a movie in a virtual cinema, order food, open your own business and much more.

Each avatar has individual characteristics, namely: height, body build, eye color, hairstyle, IQ level, strength, agility, and so on. An avatar with low strength or agility will not be taken on an expedition, so you need to constantly improve your level of development.

All parameters directly affect the avatar's life in the metaverse. A strong and agile avatar can participate in distant expeditions and find rare and unique items. An avatar with the skills of an engineer will be able to control equipment during the construction of new facilities and receive remuneration for it. An avatar with a high IQ can get the most favorable investment and business offers.

With the help of the avatar, the participant will be able to earn internal tokens that can be exchanged for real money. How is this possible? For example, some brand wants to hold a fashion show in the metaverse. To do this, he will need models. The brand will invite avatars to work on the show and pay for it with internal tokens.

The avatar will be influenced by many factors that directly depend on you - the constant development of the avatar will have a positive impact on his fate. Of course, we will leave factors in the universe that are independent of you, which we will call "pseudo random". After all, we have not just a computer game, but a simulation of real life. Also, do not forget about the artificial genome that was injected into the avatars before leaving for Mars - scientists warned about side effects...

We will not immediately reveal all the cards, we will leave the intrigue 😎

Avatars in "Metaspace.game" will be generated from the Voxel Crazy Head NFT collection with the help of a special service. When generating an avatar, the user will be able to choose its gender identity. After generating an avatar, it is impossible to change its gender identity by standard means using the service.

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